Because we firmly believe that the best way to know a place, its people, customs and nature is through the speed and freedom we achieve riding a bike, on foot, aboard a sea kayak or on a horse.


We are also comforted at the end of each day for being able to reach our destination based on our own effort, enjoy a replenishing meal prepared with love and local flavors, and after a great conversation, go to rest with a happy heart.

We love nature and like to show you the secrets that the ancient forests keep, the mountain range or an Andean lake.

And from this year we can also organize your trip on some ancient route through the French countryside or down the Peruvian Andes at full speed.

Thanks to reliable work together with our international partners which has developed over the past years, we can offer these incredible bike travel options.

Come with us to find the best routes worldwide, with style and great service.