We left Puerto Varas with destination Ensenada and take the road to the Volcán Osorno and the ski-center, where we get after 12 kilometers by paved road. On this place we get an incredible view from Lago Llanquihue and the other volcanoes.

We go back downhill and start the treking on the single trail El Solitario. A small track which always changing his face, between old native forest, lava tongue and the after eruption forest.

With great views all the time to the volcanos and the lake, on the length of 6 kilometers, this track is all the time up and down.

Now we are focus at Saltos de Petrohué, wich will be stay close to the Lago Todos los Santos, and always with the background of Chilean Andes.


Start at: Puerto Varas
Ends at: Puerto Varas
Location: P.N. Vicente Perez Rosales, Los Lagos region, South of Chile.
Duration: 6 hours. 1 hour and 45 minutes in the van go and back, 2 hours and 30 minutes walk. Plus the visit to the waterfalls, the ski center in the volcano and Lago Todos los Santos.
Dificulty level: Easy.
Meal: Box lunch with sandwich, fruits and water. Local flavours.
Transportation: Inclusive.
Equipment: Trekking shoes, rain jacket, sun protection (sunglases, hat) water bottle.
Guide: Inclusive, English, German and Spanish is spoken, with WFR first aid certification and expert in native flora and fauna.
Safety:. Emergency equipment
Entrance fee to Saltos de Petruhué: Inclusive